Assistant professor, Dr. Anna Wirta-Kosobuski, along with faculty colleagues, Drs. Richard Melvin and Glenn Simmons Jr., have created two new informational COVID-19 handouts geared for youth titled, “Whiz Kidz: Facts about COVID-19 Face Masks and Social Distancing” and “COVID-19: Clean Hands Mythbusters,” to help disseminate information and easy ways to stop the spread of the new Coronavirus.  

This is the second collection of informational flyers designed by the group. These pamphlets are adaptable to physical and virtual classrooms. The PDFs are free and downloadable.

They are available in English, Somali, Spanish and Hmong.

"Whiz Kidz: Facts about COVID-19 Face Masks and Social Distancing” 

“COVID-19: Clean Hands Mythbusters” 

To view the entire collection of COVID-19 informational resources for youth, visit the U of M’s Libraries Digital Conservancy here.