Research Snapshot: Jon Holy, PhD

Dr. Jon Holy, Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences, announced two newly published research articles that feature collaborators from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy Duluth, and Medical School, Duluth Campus, Ph.D. student, Rafaela Pimenta.

The article, Two‐photon fluorescence lifetime imaging of intrinsic NADH in three‐dimensional tumor models, was published on October 21 and is available to view in Wiley Online Library that also includes contributions from Medical School, Duluth Campus Ph.D. student, Rafaela Pimenta.

Toxicity of lupane derivatives on anionic membrane models, isolated rat mitochondria and selected human cell lines: Role of terminal alkyl chains, was recently published in ScienceDirect and will be available in print on December 25, 2018.