Bridges to the Baccalaureate and Pathways to Advanced Degrees programs alumni, Veronica Seifert, recounts her time spent at UMD and with the UMN Medical School, Duluth Campus in a recent article written by UMD News. In the article, Seifert expresses her gratitude toward those who made the biggest impact on her trajectory while she was at UMD. Among those she acknowledges are members of the Biomedical Sciences Department: Benjamin Clarke, PhD, Bridges & Pathways program coordinator, Anna Wirta Kosobuski, EdD, Kina (Together) project leader, Shannon RedBrook, MS, Research Assistant and Kina Community Outreach Coordinator, and Lynne Bemis, PhD, co-director of the Native American Mentoring Program.

Seifert gave a direct acknowledgment to Dr. Bemis saying, “I was a non-traditional college student, a woman, a Native American, and I came from a rural upbringing. Dr. Bemis acknowledged my accomplishments and triumphs, ultimately empower[ed] me with confidence and a sense of belonging.”