Geoffrey Ghose, PhD

Professor, Department of Neuroscience

Geoffrey Ghose

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-625-8362

Lab Address:
149 CMRR


Research Summary/Interests

Strategies in Visual Cortex

The cerebral cortex embodies an interesting dichotomy in the representation of information: on the one hand it must maintain a consistent and reliable representation of important information, and on the other hand it must be able to modify representations to adapt and learn. My broad research interest is how the cortex addresses these two potentially conflicting requirements. In particular I am interested in how strategies based on past experiences are used in the processing and execution of visually guided behavior.

Understanding how and why representations change in visual cortex will provide a powerful basis for studying a number of general issues concerning cortical information processing, including the interactions between behavior and sensation, the mechanisms underlying learning and development, and the neural coding of information.


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NSC 8217: Systems and Computational Neuroscience (Fall and Spring semesters); NSCI 3102W: Intro to Neurobiology II: Perception and Behavior (Spring semester).