Services and Fees

What services are provided?

The Mouse Behavior Core provides University of Minnesota researchers access to a broad range of behavioral testing equipment, expert technical assistance, and consultation services in study design, implementation and analysis. User labs can get training in behavioral research and use of Core equipment or contract the Core to perform all testing and basic data analysis. The MBC also offers assistance with transgenic colony maintenance and can perform select surgical services as needed (e.g., jugular catheterization, gonadectomy).

Where there are gaps in testing capabilities, the Core can work with user labs to establish new testing paradigms or if the need is great the Core will work to develop these methodologies.  

The Mouse Behavior Core seeks to improve the research at the UMN by lowering barriers to employing behavioral studies, standardizing (where necessary) testing protocols, fostering collaboration, enhancing exchange of ideas, and encouraging innovation and adoption of new behavioral techniques.

How do I get started?


  • Contact Director Erin Lind at, and include a project services request form
  • Schedule meeting to further discuss project goals and come up with a plan for training and initiating testing
  • IACUC addendum to include new testing (assisted by core)
  • Obtain proper animal facility access and/or transfer of mice
  • Read the MBC usage policy statement
  • Start testing!!

Fee structure

All fees are based upon hourly usage of the behavioral testing equipment. Training gets billed at Rate 2.

  • User conducted testing - $11/hr
  • Core personnel conducted testing - $55/hr