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The Institute for Translational Neuroscience's greatest strength is bringing together different groups under one common goal: to advance neuroscience research at the University of Minnesota.

The Institute for Translational Neuroscience (ITN) was established in 2007 as a University-wide presidential initiative to promote the transfer of discoveries in the basic neurosciences to clinical practice. The institute is charged to enhance basic science discovery with new knowledge leading to subsequent clinical trials and establishment of new therapeutic principles or tools.


Our main goal is to attract and recruit top scientists to shape discoveries that will lead to tomorrow's cures. The institute exemplifies how different disciplines, departments, and centers can work together in partnership to evolve neurological disease research at the University of Minnesota. We have built a community that encourages learning, education, innovation, and discovery all of which are more successful in a team-oriented environment. 

Research Spotlight

ITN in the News - ITN Director Harry Orr Recognized as 2020 Carole J. Bland Outstanding Faculty Mentor

A photo of Dr. Harry Orr

ITN Director Harry Orr, PhD, has been recognized as a 2020 Carole J. Bland Outstanding Faculty Mentor. This recognition, which was created after the memory of Carole J. Bland, PhD, ’74, honors faculty who serve as role models for each other, promote the professional development of others and creates a supportive, positive working environment. 

“Successes I have enjoyed in my faculty career are largely due to the many formal and informal mentors that have guided me over the years. So, to some extent my mentoring of faculty is payback,” Dr. Orr said. “More importantly, the vitality of academic science and research is dependent on the addition and success of a set of new and diverse faculty. Receipt of a 2020 Carole J. Bland Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award is a tremendous recognition of a role I believe is very important. This award is particularly meaningful for me as it recognizes Carole, a former colleague who was a major and early promoter of mentorship programs in the Medical School. I am honored to have been nominated by the people I respect so much.”

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