Dr. Allie Zachwieja with co-investigators, Drs. Kendra Nordgren and Cathy McCarty were awarded a Medical Education Innovation Grant to create a virtual course for medical students, addressing the social determinants of health in the age of COVID-19. 
Addressing Social Determinants of Health in the Age of COVID-19
Principal Investigator: Allie Zachwieja, PhD
Co-Investigators: Kendra Nordgren, PhD and Cathy McCarty, PhD, MPH, MSB, HEC-C 
Budget: $10,000

The purpose of this grant is to create a virtual course for medical students or continuing education credit that uses COVID-19 to introduce providers on how social determinants of health affect patient outcomes, both in pandemics and generally. Observations show us that COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting American Indian, rural, and minority health outcomes. This course will teach providers how to address structural inequalities that may affect their patients from underserved communities while developing strategies to combat implicit bias in the clinic.

This project is supported by the UMN COVID-19 Medical Education Innovation Grants, which support full-time faculty (educators, investigators or clinical) or P&A educators at the University of Minnesota Medical School to develop education (basic science or clinical) and simulation projects related to COVID-19, more general pandemic-related knowledge and skills, or professional development activities that would be possible during this time of shelter at home.