The Acute Pain & Regional Anesthesia Lab

Areas of Research Focus

  • Strategies for postoperative pain management in total shoulder arthroplasty
  • Safety and success of orthopedic surgery under regional anesthesia as the primary anesthetic
  • Perioperative care of patients on naltrexone and suboxone
  • Phantom limb pain following amputation
  • Perioperative care of patients on opiate antagonists/partial agonists

Lab Director

Jake Hutchins, MD
Dr. Hutchins is an anesthesiologist who completed his residency at the University of Minnesota Medical School. He uses different techniques and approaches with each type of surgery and he and his team are on the cutting edge of regional anesthesia pain control and therapy.

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The Team

The Minneapolis Veteran’s Affairs Anesthesiology Department’s Acute Regional Pain Service Team:

  • Brian Tolly, MD
  • Patrick Kelly, FACHE
  • Garrett Peterson, CRNA
  • Amr Waly, MD
  • Thomas Rubenzer, CRNA
  • Jorge Rocha, MD
  • Steve Santilli, MD
  • Dustin Palm, MD
  • Kara Morningstar, CRNA
  • Jeremy Anderson, CRNA
  • Eric Swanlund, CRNA
  • Jill Lange, CRNA
  • Lida Trillos, MD
  • Elizabeth Webber, MD
  • Jake Hutchins, MD
  • Teri Thomey, RN
  • Lori Barker, RN
  • Sara Johnson, RN