Other Learners

University of Minnesota Applicants Site

To learn more about the programs at the University of Minnesota, please visit the New Applicants site. This site also contains resources for choosing the right program path for your skills and interests.

Research Opportunities

The Department of Anesthesiology manages a research project dashboard that outlines current research opportunities available to medical students. Students interested in the field of anesthesiology are encouraged to get involved to gain hands on experience and learn about academic research techniques and methods.


Shadowing allows students the opportunity to join alongside faculty members in their day-to-day experiences to better explore the specialty. Individuals interested in shadowing with the Department of Anesthesiology should reach out to anesed@umn.edu for more information and to be added to our waitlist.

Visiting Students

If you are interested in applying for a visiting rotation, please apply through VSLO. We review applications after internal add/drop deadlines.