The Belani Lab

Dr. Belani in Lab


Dr. Belani

Dr. Belani is an anesthesiologist who completed his residency and earned a master’s degree at the University of Minnesota Medical School. He completed a fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in pediatric anesthesiology and critical care and then returned to Minnesota to establish the Medical School’s division of pediatric anesthesia and the pediatric intensive care unit at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. He frequently attends conferences held around the word in search of ways to ever deepen his understanding of the science of pain relief and currently his focussed is on researching cyanide.

Areas of Research Focus

The focus of The Belani Lab is measuring cyanide toxicity and its treatment snd the role of sulfanegen, a new antidote. The team is currently working on an autoinjector for sulfanegen field use to treat cyanide toxicity (Bioterrorism and other exposures).

Laboratory Assets & Equipment

  • Large and small animal table
  • Anesthesia Gas Machine 
  • Hemodynamic Monitors
  • Pulse oximetry monitor
  • ETCO2 monitor
  • NIRS monitor
  • Bedside ultrasound
  • Autoinfusion pumps
  • Isoflurane vaporizer
  • Research Publications
  • Previous Research