Resident and Fellow Support Resources

The University of Minnesota Medical School is committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of our residents and fellows. Please see the categories below for more detailed and comprehensive resources and support.

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Immediate Resources

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Mental Health Resources

Free Confidential Counseling Sessions - Vital Worklife

  • 24/7 counseling - no cost to residents/fellows
  • 6 sessions per incident/concern
  • Senior level licensed behavioral health professionals

Contact Vital Worklife

Doctor on Demand (BCSB) | Online Mental Health Counseling

  • Doctor on Demand is available to all residents/fellows who have opted into the Office of Student Health Benefit plan and have BCBS insurance
  • Mental health appointments are available from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. local time, seven days a week. They have appointment for psychiatry.
  • Register today. It only takes a few minutes.
  • More information on Doctor on Demand
  • Who is eligible? University of Minnesota Residents and Fellows in 95xx classification who have opted for BCBS insurance.
  • * If you do not have BCBS Insurance, check with your current healthcare provider

All other mental health services are eligible at 20% after deductible when using both in-network and out-of-network providers.

Self-Help Online Mental Health Tools

Learn to Live is an online confidential mental health service that includes:

  • Online assessments
  • Self-paced digital programs
  • Optional coaching at no charge
  • Login in HERE, Enter code 'UMN'

ACGME Aware App

  • Reflect on how their own cognitive habits may impact their sense of well-being
  • Identify strategies for promoting resilience and well-being
  • Identify helpful practices and resources for improving well-being
  • Download the free app on your smart phone in the google play/or apple store
  • More information on ACGME Aware App, Podcasts, and Workshops

Mental Health Care and the Minnesota Medical Board Policy

  • The Minnesota Board of Medical Practice’s Physician License Application asks, “Do you currently have any condition that is not being appropriately treated which is likely to impair or adversely affect your ability to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety in a competent, ethical and professional manner?”
  • If you are seeking information about physician license applications in other states, this information should be available online by searching the state and physician license eligibility. 

Professional Coaching Services

Free Confidential Resident & Fellow Coaching

  • What? The GME Office offers professional coaching 
  • Who? Carolyn Hildebrandt, the GME Organizational Development Manager 
  • Example of topics: time management and prioritizing, communication, imposter syndrome, interpersonal relationships, handling critical feedback, managing conflict, career decision making, test-taking prep and strategy, etc.
  • Carolyn is a licensed psychologist with 20 years of experience in healthcare systems with coaching and developing people.
  • No limit on the number of sessions
  • Appointments available Tuesday evenings and during the days M - F
  • Make a coaching appointment with Carolyn 

Vital WorkLife Peer Coaching 

  • Up to 6 confidential coaching sessions per incident with physician and APP peer coaches.
  • Sessions are confidential and flexible, with referrals to therapeutic providers if needed.
  • Coaches cover a wide range of medical specialties and focus areas such as stress/burnout, leadership development, and work/life balance.

Contact Vital Worklife

Finding Primary Care Services

Available Primary Care Providers in the Community

  • A list of primary care doctors was created to help residents/fellows find a primary care doctor in the community.
  • Once you identify a doctor from the list, please check your insurance to make sure that the doctor is in-network. 
  • NOTE: If you do not have Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance, check with your current healthcare provider
  • List of primary care doctors 

Doctor on Demand (BCSB) - Online medical Care

  • Doctor on Demand is available to all residents/fellows who have opted into the Office of Student Health Benefit plan and have BCBS insurance
  • Doctor On Demand is available for medical care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Register today. It only takes a few minutes.
  • More information on Doctor on Demand

Clinical Learning Environment Support

If you have any concerns about your clinical learning environment (rotation sites), please contact

For more information and resources related to the clinical learning environment, visit

We’re here to support your learning and professional development.

Family Care and Insurance Needs

Bright Horizons 
Every resident and fellow has been assigned a UMP Workday employee number. You will need the UMP employee ID number to register with Bright Horizons. Email Christy at for this 5 digit number.
Connect with a Bright Horizons Family Concierge to help navigate the following resources: 

  • Bright Horizons Emergency Child Care Resources
  • Ten instances a calendar year for emergency back up care
  • Centers: $15/child, $25/family
  • In home $6/hour (up to 3 care recipients, 4 hour min)

Bright Horizons Full-Time Childcare

  • Preferred enrollment at most Bright Horizons centers; tuition discounts at participating partners; plus assistance finding a trained and screened nanny.

Bright Horizons Virtual Tutoring

  • Through your back-up care benefit, you can exchange your back-up care uses for virtual tutoring sessions to help your or your child get support in over 3,000+ subjects. Support is available throughout K-12, college, graduate school, and professional skills.

Bright Horizons Pet Care

  • Use your childcare credit for Dog Walking, Overnight Boarding, Cat Drop Ins, or Pet Sitting through Rover.
  • 1 childcare back-up care use = $150 Rover credit or 2 back-up care uses = $300
  • FAQ Pet Care

Parent Coaching: Vital Worklife 

Six coaching sessions per incident with experts in child development and behavior, available telephonically or virtually.

Contact Vital Worklife

Childcare on Campus: YMCA Early Childhood Learning Center

Student Parent Help Center
The University of Minnesota's Student Parent Help Center provides parenting resources to university students and trainees
Contact the SPHC by Calling 612-626-6015 or emailing

Postpartum & Lactation Spaces

Helpful Information for Resident/Fellows about Participating Hospitals in the Twin Cities Area

Created by MMCGME Services Information covered in the MedEd to Go app includes:

  • Parking information
  • Facility amenities for staff
  • Facility code overviews
  • Epic access and other procedures and policies
  • The MedEd To Go app 

Disability Insurance:
Many people are aware that medical diagnosis or conditions can sometimes impact disability rates and eligibility. The University of Minnesota has vetted a disability insurance product by Guardian through Foster Klima.   The disability insurance does not require a medical examination or disclosure of medical conditions, as long as you have not been denied by a disability insurance company other than Guardian within the last 5 years and you have been in your program for more than 9 months. This product is only available to University of Minnesota residents and fellows while they are in training, and up to 90 days after graduation.
For more information:

  • Visit the Office of Student Health Benefits website
  • Click Resident, Fellow, and Interns from the left side navigation  
  • Scroll down to Individual Disability Policy

Life Insurance Concerns
The University provides $50,000 of basic group term life and accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) insurance to all Graduate Medical Education residents and fellows. Enrollment is automatic and coverage is guaranteed. You have the opportunity to purchase supplemental life insurance for yourself, your spouse and your children. The amount elected for yourself and your spouse includes a matching AD&D benefit.

  • Apply for supplemental individual life, spouse, or children within your first 30 days of eligibility, without evidence of insurability.
  • Insurance provided by Minnesota Life Insurance Company, a Securian Financial Group affiliate
  • For more information:
  • Visit the Office of Student Health Benefits website 
  • Click Resident, Fellow, and Interns from the left side navigation  
  • Scroll down to Life Insurance

Addressing Performance Gaps

Resources for Trainees
People can struggle while in training, and that's OK.  It's the desire of each program to identify any issues and work with you to close the gaps in performance.  This following linked site explains process steps and resources Program Directors and Trainees utilize to assist in closing gaps to help you achieve success in your program, and ultimately in your future practice.

Taking Time Off of Work for Appointments - Policies

I am concerned my schedule will not accommodate personal appointments.

  • This is a common concern for residents and fellows because they have busy schedules.
  • Residents and fellows in ACGME accredited programs must be given the opportunity to attend medical, mental health, and dental care appointments, including those scheduled during their working hours.
    • ACGME Common Program Requirements
    • Scroll down to VI.C : Wellbeing, in that section on Page 45 VI.C.1.d).(1) outlines this requirement.
  • All residents and fellows can use Health Leave (formally known as Sick Leave) for appointments. Health leave is time away from work to use to care for your own wellbeing or for the wellbeing of your dependent children or immediate family members.
  • Navigating leaves can be difficult and confusing. Make sure that you are working with your Department Human Resources person and your Program Coordinator when filling out your leave form. If you are having issues with your program in scheduling leave absences, make sure to use the path of escalation in the GME Supervision Policy.
  • If your health needs require more than just occasional appointments (physical therapy, counseling, chemotherapy, infusions, substance use treatment, etc.). Please know the Office of Disability Resources (DRC) has a program called UReturn which accepts documentation of medical necessity, and is able to describe your need and negotiate accommodations directly with your training program.
    Call the Disability Resource Center directly to schedule an intake: 612-624-3316
  • You can also begin the registration process by filling out the online form by going to the DRC webpage and clicking on the online request for intake form.

Sleep and Fatigue Management

On the GME Orientation google site you will find information created by Dr. Michael Howell regarding sleep and fatigue management.

  • Click here to listen to the content.

Sleep Resources

Transportation Resources

Residents and Fellows employed by the University have access to the University of Minnesota student Universal Transit Pass (UTP). 

  • Fee:  $45 per semester/$90 per year
  • Must opt in by emailing:
  • Once your UCard is activated by Parking and Transportation you can start using your UCard as your transit pass for light rail, bus routes and the Northstar (up to Ramsey Station with no additional fees, additional Northstar fees north of Ramsey)

Recovery Support Groups

Monthly Confidential Support Meetings for Physicians in Recovery- Physician Wellness Collaborative

  • The Physician Wellness Collaborative offers mutual support, education and discussion of issues that are unique to physicians in recovery
  • Meetings qualify for HPSP attendance requirements
  • For more information on how to join 

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Legal & Financial Resources

  • 30-minute free legal consultation for family issues, property & contracts, criminal offenses, and personal injury.
  • Unlimited, free, and confidential financial consultations for budgeting, estates & wills, debt management, and more.

Contact Vital Worklife

Escalation Pathway for Residents and Fellows

Trainees should bring forward concerns of possible violations or other issues to their program (including but not limited to the program director, associate program director, site director, chief resident, mentor, advisor, vice chair for education or department head).

Other options for reporting problems:
Confidential reporting

  • The Office of Graduate Medical Education, Organizational Development Manager: Carolyn Hildebrandt, Email:
  • The Designated Institutional Official by emailing
  • Reporting to OGME of any violation can occur via this Qualtrics form.   Include contact information for confidential follow-up.
  • Reporting to the UMN compliance office via UReport:
    • Online report form
    • Call 1-866-294-8680
    • Include contact information for confidential follow-up.

Anonymous reporting