Observers & Visiting Trainees

Some University of Minnesota residency and fellowship programs offer educational experiences to trainees from other institutions through GME observerships or visiting rotations.

Visiting residents/fellows

The University of Minnesota Graduate Medical Education (GME) Programs accept visiting residents/fellows from ACGME-Accredited and AOA programs in the United States and Canada.

Visiting residents/fellows who wish to spend elective time at the UMN must apply at least three months in advance of the start of the rotation

To begin the process of applying for a visiting rotation, contact the appropriate program coordinator (see the Program Directory for contact information).  Approval is at the discretion of the program director. If you are accepted to complete a visiting rotation, your UMN-GME program will provide you detailed instructions on completing requirements, which are due prior to your start date.

Visiting residents/fellows from one of the MMCGME affiliated sponsors (Regions, HCMC, ABNW, United) must contact the coordinator/admin of the program they wish to rotate through to arrange their elective.  Limited paperwork will need to be filled out. Approval is at the discretion of the program director. 

Visiting Medical Students should refer to the University of Minnesota Medical School's Visiting Medical Scholar website.

GME Observers

Definition of GME Observer

A GME Observer is an LCME-accredited Medical School graduate or international equivalent who wishes to gain medical knowledge and exposure to certain patient-care protocols through observing a residency or fellowship program for typically less than one month in duration. This includes individuals who are currently enrolled in an international residency program. 

Current medical school students (regardless of location of medical school) are not eligible for GME observerships.  Please see the UME Visiting Medical Scholars Program website for more information about medical student options.  A visiting medical student is not eligible for a GME observership under any circumstances.

GME Observer applicants

If you qualify to be a GME observer (see definition above), then:

  • Determine the area of specialty for your GME observership at UMMC. Most of the medical school’s departments/divisions/programs do not accept GME observers.
  • Identify a physician/faculty member to sponsor your GME observership.
  • Work with the physician/faculty sponsor and the department administrative staff to complete the application process, as directed by your program sponsors.