The Department of Pharmacology has made significant investments over many years in the acquisition and maintenance of shared equipment and resources. These shared resources are available to all faculty with primary appointments in the Department of Pharmacology and their lab members. A description of these resources and their locations is provided below, along with contact information and instructions on how to access this equipment.

Core Equipment
Accessing Core Equipment

Gaining access: 

Training by either Dr. Ezequiel Marron, or a previously trained member of your lab is mandatory for all core equipment. When using core equipment for the first time, initially check with your PI or an experienced lab member to see if anyone within your lab can provide necessary training. If no one within your lab is available, please contact Dr. Marron.

Lab-specific codes:

Your PI will provide access codes for any instruments or areas that require one.

Reserving specific equipment:

QReserve is a web-based lab management system that provides online reservation for equipment that may need to be used for extended periods of time. QReserve requires registration before use. 

Registering on QReserve:

To gain user access to QReserve, e-mail Holly Streekstra with your preferred e-mail and PI. You will then be able to register in QReserve.  

Reserving equipment through QReserve:

After registering for QReserve you can reserve equipment by following these steps:

  • Log into QReserve.
  • Navigate to the memberships tab and click on the "Department of Pharmacology - Core Facilities" group.
  • Click on the equipment you would like to make a reservation for.
  • Click the "Access Calendar Reservation" in the upper right hand corner.
  • A calendar will open and you will click on a date you would like to reserve. A pop up will prompt you to select a start and end time.
  • Hit book and you're done! You've just reserved that equipment for your selected time.

Administrative Support

For all questions, concerns, and requests for access please contact:

Holly Streekstra

Core director

Dr. Ezequiel Marron

Research Building Management Services

For repairs and other building services, please contact Research Building Management Services.

Why reserve equipment?

Reservations and sign-ups allow users to better plan their experiments by ensuring access to the instruments for specific times. It is also used to track proper usage of equipment. 

Failure to properly reserve and record usage could result in loss of privileges to the individual and the entire lab.