Postdoctoral Scholars

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Postdoctoral scholars in the Department of Pharmacology play an integral role in the research programs of our primary faculty members. Individuals seeking postdoctoral training in our department can also avail themselves of opportunities to contribute as educators in the classroom and play a role in service as members of departmental or institutional committees. Our goal is to work with faculty mentors to make postdoctoral training a highly individualized experience that optimally prepares postdoctoral scholars for the next phase in their career progression, whether that be in academic research, teaching, industry, regulatory affairs, or other settings. Supplemental resources to support the professional development of postdoctoral scholars at the University of Minnesota are offered through the Office of Biomedical Graduate Research Education & Training (BGREAT). The UMN Postdoctoral Association also offers numerous events and career development opportunities throughout the year for postdoctoral scholars.

Please check here for open postdoctoral scholar positions in the Department of Pharmacology.

Allison Anderson, PhD

Mentor: Kevin Wickman

Songyi Bae, PhD

Mentor: Justin Drake

Carly Baehr, PhD

Mentor: Marco Pravetoni

Abigail Brewer, PhD

Mentor: Sade Spencer 

David Burban, PhD

Mentor: Nick Levinson

Catalina Galeano-Garces, PhD

Mentor: Justin Drake

Yemarshet Gebreyohannes, PhD

Mentor: Cheuk Leung

Joseph Greene, PhD

Mentor: Tanya Freedman

Gihan Gunaratne, PhD

Mentor: Timothy Walseth

April Huseby Kelcher, PhD

Mentor: Marco Pravetoni

Yi-Wei Lin, PhD

Mentor: Li-Na Wei

Yu-Lung Lin, PhD

Mentor: Li-Na Wei

Morgan Ludwicki, PhD

Mentor: Aaron LeBeau

Megan Ludwig, PhD

Mentor: Justin Drake

Zoi Sychev, PhD

Mentor: Justin Drake

Halena VanDeusen, PhD

Mentor: Justin Drake

Chin-Wen Wei, PhD

Mentor: Li-Na Wei

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