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Pharmacology Graduate Student Organization

The Pharmacology Graduate Student Organization (PGSO) is dedicated to cultivating a sense of camaraderie among graduate students enrolled in the MPaT program. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, establishing meaningful connections beyond the confines of one's lab has proven to be more crucial than ever before. Our foremost objective is to fortify these bonds through enjoyable and secure avenues. Furthermore, we serve as a vital conduit of communication between students and faculty members. The core mission of our organization revolves around providing a dynamic platform for dialogue, professional advancement, and the pursuit of both social and service outreach endeavors. To find out more information, follow us on Instagram @umnpharmacology or please contact

PGSO Board Members | 2023-2024

President: Aji Opakunle
Vice President: Ria Bhowmik
Director of Finances: Hasnain Methiwala
Director of Logistics: Chinasa Ufondu
Director of Communications: Klaiten Kermoade