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The Department of Pharmacology is dedicated to teaching fundamental principles of pharmacology and drug-based therapies for human medical afflictions to students in undergraduategraduate, and professional degree programs, and to providing impactful and individualized training opportunities for postdoctoral scholars.

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Department of Pharmacology faculty are conducting innovative research that advances our understanding of drug action – from the structural basis of drug-receptor interactions and biological signaling mechanisms to clinical translation – while engaging the next generation of scientists in our discovery efforts.

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The Department of Pharmacology strives to make meaningful service contributions to the department, medical school, university, and people of Minnesota while serving as critical resources of scientific expertise at the national and international levels.

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Department Head, Kevin Wickman, PhD

Pharmacology is the study of drugs and the mechanisms underlying their beneficial and undesirable effects. Research in pharmacology generates new knowledge and tools that can lead to better treatments for devastating medical problems including cancer, addiction, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and infectious disease.