Occupational Health, Safety, & Immunization Requirements

This page contains information for medical residents, medical fellows, and dental residents only.  All sections apply to medical residents and fellows; only the respirator requirements apply to dental residents as indicated within each section. If you are not a medical resident, medical fellow or dental resident, please refer any questions to University Health and Safety-Occupational Health (UHS-OH).

Your health and safety, as well as the health and safety of your patients, is important to us.  The University of Minnesota Academic Health Center, Biosafety and Occupational Health Department (UHS-BOHD), and Boynton Health have set policies and processes related to the following requirements for medical residents and fellows.


Seasonal Influenza Vaccine

ALL UMN medical residents and medical fellows MUST report flu vaccination status each year in the fall, even if they will not receive the vaccine due to allergy, illness, or other.  Dental residents report flu vaccines through the dental school. Dental residents can send questions to Josette Fontana at jfontana@umn.edu.  

The AHC Dean's Council mandates that all residents/fellows are required to have an influenza vaccination (or a valid medical contraindication to immunization).  In addition to receiving a flu vaccine, you must also report that you have done so and provide documentation.

2019 Flu season

This space will be updated with instructions on where to receive a flu shot and how to report your status for 2019 when that information has been released (anticipated late summer 2019).


Immunizations & Tuberculosis (TB) Testing


All medical residents and medical fellows must remain compliant with the UMN Academic Health Center immunization requirements throughout the duration of their training.  Log in to your immunization portal to view your immunization compliance.

Reporting your Immunization/TB Test: Upon start of a new GME residency/fellowship program at UMN, trainees are required to fill out this immunization form (external immunization records are not accepted), and upload to your RMS checklist.  An updated immunization form must be provided each time you receive an immunization throughout your GME training, so your record can be updated.  There is a 10 business day turnaround time to input immunization information into the system, so please do not re-send duplicate immunization forms. New to UMN medical residents and medical fellows are provided detailed instructions on how to complete the immunization requirement via their UMN-GME central onboarding checklist in RMS.

Boynton Health contact information:

  • Fax: 612-626-9768
  • Email: immunizations@umn.edu
  • Mail (or drop off):
    AHC Immunization Tracking Service, c/o Boynton Health Service
    410 Church Street S.E.
    Minneapolis, MN  55455

Tuberculosis Testing

Documentation of a two-step TST is required during your training at UMN. The two-step TST should be the first TST you receive as you begin your GME residency/fellowship program at UMN. If you already have a documented two-step TST at UMN, you will only need to complete a one-step TST once a year during the duration of your training. TB Spot Tests ARE accepted.

If you have questions on what type of TB test you are required to receive, e-mail immunizations@umn.edu, and include your UMN 7 digit ID number.

Immunization & Tuberculosis Testing Information

Immunization and TB Tests

(see immunization form for more details)


Additional Information

Hepatitis B Titers

No cost


MMR Titers

No cost


Tuberculosis TST

No cost

Can either make an individual TB skin test appointment, OR attend a walk-in clinic via Boynton Health

Tuberculosis IGRA

No cost


Treatment for Latent TB

No cost


Tuberculosis Chest X-Ray

No cost


Varicella Titer

No cost


Diphtheria Tetanus (Pertussis)

Your own health insurance

If you do not hold the UMN health insurance offered to Medical Residents and Medical Fellows, you may incur costs or have to fully pay for services. Please consider out-of-network costs (if applicable)as you receive services.

Hepatitis B Vaccinations

(3 Doses)

Your own health insurance

MMR Vaccinations

Your own health insurance

Varicella Vaccination

Your own health insurance


Where to receive immunizations

Boynton Health (BH)

You are strongly encouraged to receive services at BH (MUST identify yourself as a UMN Medical Resident or Medical Fellow):

Boynton Health East Bank Clinic
410 Church Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN  55455

612-625-3222 Appointments

Reporting: You do NOT need to submit an Immunization form if you receive services at BH.

HealthPartners Occupational & Environmental Medicine Clinics (HPOEM)

You may also receive services at HPOEM (MUST identify yourself as a UMN Medical Resident or Medical Fellow):

Riverside Clinic
2220 Riverside Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

St. Paul Clinic
205 S. Wabasha Street
St. Paul, MN

952-883-6999 Appointments

Reporting: You do NOT need to submit an Immunization form if you receive services at HPOEM.

IF you receive immunizations anywhere besides BH or HPOEM:

Reporting: You are required to submit an Immunization Form to update your UMN Immunization Portal IF you receive services somewhere other than BH or HPOEM. If you do not submit an Immunization form, your record will not be updated, and you will be considered non-compliant.

Respirator Fit Testing and Medical Clearance

This section applies to medical residents and fellows, and dental residents.


Achieving respirator fit testing compliance is comprised of three required components:

Requirement Required how often / when? More information
1. Viewing an online Respirator Protection Education module Once (during onboarding) Issued to ONLY new to UMN residents/fellows via their onboarding checklist in RMS.  If you are a new medical resident or medical fellow and have specific questions regarding your fit test, please contact gme@umn.edu.
2. Completing an online medical evaluation / clearance Timeframe Varies (may be annually) Timeframe varies by individual for the medical clearance requirement (anywhere from every one year to every five years).  See Medical Clearance section below for more information on how residents/fellows may review their individual compliance, and achieve medical clearance compliance if required.
3. Receiving an in-person mask fitting through GME or your program, OR by making an individual appointment Annually Receiving a mask fitting is required annually for ALL residents/fellows.  See Respirator Mask Fittings section below for more information on where to receive a mask fitting and how to update your compliance.

Respirator Fit Testing

Respirator fit testing is an annual requirement.  The UMN Office of Occupational Health and Safety states that "Employees will be fit tested at their time of initial assignment and at least annually thereafter" (section 4.2).  Additionally, annual fit testing is required by OSHA, via the federal government (section VII.B.)

For information about the continuing residents/fellows fit testing, please visit the Guide: Fit Testing - Continuing Trainees

Not able to attend an open session?  Make your own appointment:

For information about scheduling in-person fit testing at another time, please visit the GUIDE: Scheduling an In-Person Mask Fitting with HPOEM

If you receive a Fit Test outside of the UMN or HPOEM:

If you have completed a Fit Test at another site, you must submit either:


If you wear a beard, have religious beliefs or a personal or medical situation that does not allow fit testing, you are still required to complete the Fit Test Clearance Form, starting at step #5 on the form, stating that you were not tested.

  1. Circle “NO TEST” and state why you were not tested (e.g. currently pregnant), and what your action will be (e.g. will wear PAPR).

  2. Submit your completed form to uohs@umn.edu.

  3. Once you’ve submitted your completed form to uohs@umn.edu, there is nothing else for you to complete unless your medical clearance has expired (see Medical Clearance instructions).

Medical Clearance

In addition to annual respirator fit testing, an up-to-date medical clearance may be required throughout GME training for continuing trainees (timeframe for requirement varies by individual).

  1. Review your OHS portal to see if an updated medical clearance is required.

  2. If a medical clearance is needed, follow instructions to complete an online medical evaluation.

  3. Once you’ve completed your medical clearance (and your fit test), there is nothing else for you to complete until next year, or until your OHS portal notes an item has expired.

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