Support Resources

Find contacts to assist you with emergent, urgent, and moderate psychiatric needs.  Includes information about the Resident and Fellow Assistance Program (RAP), offering confidential counseling services at no cost for residents/fellows and their immediate family members.


Wellbeing Tools

  • Wellbeing is a state of balance or alignment in body, mind, and spirit.  The University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality & Healing provides a wealth of tools and resources to help you find purpose, contentment, and connection.  Offerings include online modulesin-person events, and more.
  • The Graduate Medical Education Resident/Fellow Health Task Force has created a Coggle Map of resources for individuals to learn more about what is available for resources. Save the z-link in your browser bookmarks -
  • To help screen for burnout, the Mayo Clinic has recently developed a tool called My Well-Being Index.  By answering a few questions, you can compare your risk for burnout to a national sample.  You can also track your progress over time, and access a set of helpful resources.  Sign up for free by downloading the Well-Being Index app for iPhone or Android.


Formerly duty hours

Work/home balance

  • The childcare page maintained by the Office of Human Resources contains information about finding child care, local options, and paying for childcare.
  • The lactation support page lists lactation spaces available at training sites throughout the metro, as well as links to additional UMN resources.

In addition residents and fellows can access Bright Horizons emergency childcare services.

The University of Minnesota is committed to a working and learning environment that is respectful, collegial, and free of harassment.

The University of Minnesota Medical School is committed to providing an educational and work environment in which trainees may raise and resolve issues without fear of intimidation or retaliation and in a confidential and protected manner.

A forum where all residents and fellows are invited to gather, enjoy dinner together, and share their ideas. Click on the link for upcoming forum dates.


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