As a graduate of a University of Minnesota residency or fellowship program, you are part of a strong professional community.  

Our graduates are making an impact across the globe in hospitals, clinics, health system administration, academia, research, government agencies, and public health organizations.

Verify your training

If you need verification that you completed a residency or fellowship at the University of Minnesota, it must be processed through the program where you completed your training.

Consult the Verification Contact List for contact information for all University of Minnesota GME programs.  Programs should receive verification inquiries directly.  The GME Administration office does not complete verification of training forms, so routing them here delays your verification.

If you need to request a certificate of insurance, liability credentialing, malpractice claims history, and/or loss-run reports related to your time as a UMN resident or fellow, refer to this Medical Malpractice Credentialing / Insurance Verificaton site.

Maintain your access

Graduating residents/fellows can retain their U of M email account and x500 access.

Email Access

See "Keeping your UMN Email Account Active" for more information on retaining your UMN e-mail access post-graduation.

X500 for Library Access

Graduating Residents can maintain their library access by joining the Alumni Association.  Anyone is welcome to join, even if they have never been affiliated with the University of Minnesota, so this should be an option for your recent graduates. View Alumni Association membership fees.

After becoming an Alumni Association member, members can register for online library access.

This takes approximately 6 days to process. There is no additional fee (on top of the alumni association membership fee). There are two access options, each with different journal availability. There are lists of journal/magazine/and other source titles that also list their availability. This is not the same access granted to students and faculty and full text options may be more limited.  

There is no other source of online library access or of more extensive library access, short of enrolling for a course or being faculty.

Continue your education

Our office of continuing professional development offers a range of educational activities to support your lifelong professional learning.

Give back

With your support, anything is possible. Find out more about giving to the Medical School.


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