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Center for Learning Health System Sciences

We know healthcare is broken. It is too expensive, and the quality varies widely. Learning Health Systems are key to solving these problems.

The Center for Learning Health System Sciences (CLHSS) is a collaboration between the University of Minnesota Medical School and the School of Public Health to create value in health delivery systems by:

  • Leveraging existing evidence
  • Gathering new knowledge
  • Applying our work into direct population health action
Our goal is to decrease the time it takes for science to make it from the lab to the clinic in pursuit of better health outcomes for the patients we serve.  
Read more about the Center for Learning Health System Sciences and our leaders' vision and goals here. 

LHS Research


COVID-19 gave us the opportunity to optimize the way we approach research and clinical care- resulting in a Learning Health System model. The development of LHS has spurred new COVID-19 clinical trials using repurposed drugs and led to the first evidence-based COVID-19 clinical care guidelines for emergency physicians on when to admit or discharge patients.

LHS Patient Care


Research needs to move more quickly into healthcare practices to better serve both practitioners and patients. Our program aims to work across health systems and with our industry partners to optimize the care that we deliver to all of our patients across Minnesota. Sharing algorithms and best practices will allow all of us to reap the benefits of a learning health system.

LHS Education


The Minnesota Learning Health System Mentored Career Development Program (MN-LHS) is a K12 scholar training program that trains embedded researchers to systematically generate, apply, and translate evidence quickly within health systems to improve care and reduce waste. This pipeline program is creating our next generation of physicians and researchers who are well-versed in learning health system sciences. 

LHS GraphicWhat is a Learning Health System? 

A Learning Health System (LHS) is a virtuous cycle of data, knowledge and practice driven by culture, incentives and leadership. 

The Institute of Medicine (National Academy of Medicine) describes a Learning Health System as:

“A system in which science, informatics, incentives, and culture are aligned for continuous improvement and innovation, with best practices seamlessly embedded in the care process, patients and families as active participants in all elements, and new knowledge is captured as an integral by-product of the care experience.”        


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