The Center for Learning Health System Sciences (CLHSS) is a collaboration between the University of Minnesota Medical School and the School of Public Health to create value in health delivery systems by establishing an iterative cycle of leveraging existing evidence and gathering new knowledge, applying our work into direct population health action, and developing the learning health system field through education.

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Research | Clinical Care

We know health care is broken. It is too expensive, and the quality varies widely. Research needs to move more quickly into healthcare practices to better serve both practitioners and patients.

The units in the Center for Learning Health System Sciences support implementation scienceevidence-based careevaluation with rapid learningsinfrastructure to engage practices in research, and the use of digital solutions and artificial intelligence in clinical care.

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The Minnesota Learning Health System Mentored Career Development Program (MN-LHS) is a K12 scholar training program that trains embedded researchers to systematically generate, apply, and translate evidence quickly within health systems to improve care and reduce waste. This pipeline program is creating our next generation of physicians and researchers who are well-versed in learning health system sciences.

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Ways to Engage

Our program aims to work across Minnesota health systems and with industry partners to optimize patient care delivery. Sharing knowledge and establishing data infrastructure will allow all of us to reap the benefits of a learning health system (LHS).

The current core data platform features an LHS Datamart which includes a collaboration with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute, the Center for Clinical Quality & Outcomes Discovery and Evaluation, the Department of Surgery, the Medical School, and Fairview Health Services.

The RapidEval Unit accepted two projects for the fall 2022 semi-annual Call for Proposals.


The deadline for applications for the CCDOR Health Services Research (CCDOR-HSR) fellowship program was extended to February 28, 2023.


The new IMDS program draws across disciplines like biostatistics and computational health sciences to support researchers developing data analysis tools.


Genevieve Melton-Meaux, MD, PhD, FACMI, talked about CLHSS and our units in an interview with Minnesota Physician.


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