Bringing innovation to health care

Research needs to move more quickly into healthcare practices to better serve both practitioners and patients. Learning health systems (LHS) makes this possible and training professionals is critical to the success and longevity of the LHS cycle.

Training Opportunities

Minnesota Learning Health System Training Program (MN-LHS)

The Minnesota Learning Health System Mentored Career Development Program (MN-LHS) is a scholar training program that trains embedded researchers to conduct patient-centered research and improve healthcare within a learning health system.

Internships, Research Assistantships, Fellowships

We are interested in working with and developing learners at different points in their training. In addition to regular calls (e.g., summer programs), we are interested in hearing from interested scholars directly. Please email to connect.

LHS Seminars

iMpact Seminar

The iMpact seminar series takes place the first Tuesday of each month from 12-1pm CST. The purpose of this online seminar is to enrich those interested in advancing the work of learning health systems. 

Design Shop

Design Shop is a seminar-style presentation that guides scholars in how to implement the learning health systems competencies within their own work to achieve greater depth.

Affiliated Seminars

CCDOR Research Seminar

Fellows and investigators from the Minneapolis VA Center for Care Delivery and Outcomes Research (CCDOR) present their research findings.

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Advances in Learning Health System Sciences

Our annual conference aims to gather researchers with a wide range of LHS interests for presentations, discussions, workshops, and opportunities for networking.


We have a free educational module for anyone interested in evidence-based care, Evidence Synthesis 101.

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