Program for Clinical AI

Advancing the science, adoption, and effective use of artificial intelligence in health care

We develop, validate, and implement artificial intelligence (AI) tools to improve healthcare delivery. Like other areas of our lives, the role of AI in healthcare delivery will only increase over time. A key objective of the Program for Clinical AI (P4AI) is to investigate AI-enabled tools in real-world settings including monitoring AI model performance for drift, equity, and fitness for answering questions across settings and subpopulations. The P4AI team includes experts with a wide range of expertise across the University of Minnesota including the Medical School, School of Public Health, Institute for Health Informatics, and the College of Science and Engineering. We foster both national and international collaborations in natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision including the Federated Computer Vision in Healthcare Collaborative across multiple U.S. academic health systems.

P4AI People

P4AI Leadership

  • Scientific co-Director, Christopher Tignanelli, MD, MS
  • Scientific co-Director, Gyorgy Simon, PhD

P4AI Full Members

  • Structured Healthcare Data
    •  Gyorgy Simon, PhD
  • Computer Vision
    • Ju Sun, PhD
  • Natural Language Processing
    • Rui Zhang, PhD
  • Robotics and Surgical Automation
    • Elliot Arsoniadis, MD, PhD
  • Project Manager
    • Molly Diethelm, PMP