Semantic Interoperability Innovation (SI2) Lab

Delivering semantic interoperable solutions to improve health outcomes

The mission of the Semantic Interoperability and Innovation (SI2) Lab is to advance methods and technology solutions for the machine-readable representation of clinical data and to empower the learning communities to effectively harness these innovations to improve health outcomes.

SI2 People

Piper Ranallo, Founding Lead Investigator and Core Faculty

Genevieve Melton-Meaux, Core Faculty
Terrence Adam, Core Faculty
Robin Austin, Core Faculty
Rui Zhang, Core Faculty

Services and Innovation

Advancing Standards

SI2 partners with Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) to enhance and optimize models to precisely represent diseases, interventions, clinical assessments, and other biomedical representations.

Real World Case Studies and Partnerships

Whether working with health system(s), team(s), or individual(s), SI2 provides interoperability services and/or collaborates with researchers across a range of areas:

  • Real world data mapping to data model(s)
  • Selection of appropriate terminology(ies) and data exchange standards
  • Fostering partnerships across stakeholders
Building a Learning Community

Whether you are a student, staff, or faculty member, SI2 offers educational and curricular opportunities to increase knowledge and skills related to terminology and semantic interoperability, as well as consultative guidance.

We want to hear from you! Here are some ways you can get involved or work with us!

  • Students can work with SI2 to identify meaningful terminology or interoperability projects for Directed Studies courses.
  • Instructors can work with SI2 to develop educational materials and hands-on, real-world, assignments or projects to integrate into your course or curriculum.
  • Project-specific terminology or semantic interoperability questions. Researchers or information technology professionals can work with SI2 to select appropriate terminologies, develop protocols for encoding project data, formulating aims or methods for studies or grants which may benefit from the inclusion of formal concept or knowledge representation components.
  • SI2 can assist EHR information technology professions in projects aimed at discovering optimal ways to represent (and encode) data in an Order Sets, Decision Support, Flowsheets, Templates (e.g., SmartText, SmartNote), or Notes (either semi-structured or narratives).
  • Data engineers and data analytics can collaborate with SI2 to optimize data marts or data structures to optimize representation through inclusion of industry standard concepts including linking data structures to standards to optimize querying based on industry standard concepts (e.g., subsumption querying, ECL queries).

Of interest!

SI2 would like to work with patients and their families. Contact us if there is information relevant to managing your health or treatment that you believe is important to capture and share with your clinical or research team.