TeamWISE: TeamWork in Systems Excellence

Building capabilities to use EHR audit logs and metadata to optimize technology-supported teaming practices 

We harness data on how the Electronic Health Record (EHR) is used by providers and staff at M Health Fairview, including the timing, sequencing, and intensity of actions and clinical workflows. This information enables us to reconstruct, analyze, and address substantial variation in care team structures and practices, leading to better workflows and patient care.

Diagram of different TeamWISE focuses

Our current projects are aimed at identifying, characterizing, and optimizing:

  • Supervisory teamwork of attending physicians in the clinical learning environment
  • Consequences of interdependent behaviors during patient handoffs
  • Efficiencies in discharge planning timing and workflows
  • Complexity of team coordination with long-term stay, critically ill pediatric patients


Headshot of Dori Cross

Dori Cross, Director, Core Faculty

Headshot of Andrew Olson

Andrew Olson, Core Faculty

Headshot of Miriam Shapiro

Miriam Shapiro, Affiliated Faculty

Headshot of Nathan Mesfin

Nathan Mesfin, Affiliated Faculty

Headshot of Michelle Stoeffel

Michelle Stoeffel, Affiliated Faculty

Headshot of Genevieve Melton-Meaux

Genevieve Melton-Meaux, Affiliated

Josh Weiner, Analyst
Molin Ji, Analyst
Zach Henderson, Data warehouse architect
Matt Bahr, Clinical informaticist

Current Funding

Characterizing and Optimizing Complex Teamwork in the Pediatric ICU
University of Minnesota Department of Pediatrics

R21HS028865 – Use of EHR Metadata to Assess Hospital Discharge Planning for Post-Acute Transitions
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Recently Concluded

UL1TR002494/5KL2TR002492 - Use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data to Optimize Team-based Care
National Center for Advancing Translational Science, UMN Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute