MN-LHS Mentors

MN-LHS program applicants should propose two or three mentors from the following list. In some cases, mentors may be proposed that are not on the list or the list may omit individuals who are appropriate for a particular competency area.

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Systems science

Mentor Name Institution/Department Research Interests
Bjorn Berg, PhD UMN Healthcare operations, medical decision-making, stochastic optimization, simulation
Nico Pronk, PhD HP Application of systems science in health policy & organizational decision-making

Research questions and standards of scientific evidence

Mentor Name Institution/Department Research Interests
Mary Butler, PhD, MBA UMN Research design and systematic review methods, evidence-informed health care and standards
Wei Duan-Porter, MD, PhD VA Evidence-based chronic disease management, clinical practice guidelines

Research methods

Mentor Name Institution/Department Research Interests
Ezra Golberstein, PhD UMN Health economics, quantitative methods, practice-based studies/real-world evaluation
Joseph Koopmeiners, PhD UMN Biostatistics, pragmatic & classical clinical trial design, adaptive trials
Stephen Waring, DVM, PhD ESS Epidemiological methods, multi-site collaborations, retrospective and prospective study design


Mentor Name Institution/Department Research Interests
Patrick O’Connor, MD, MPH HP Clinical decision support for primary care providers and patients, EHRs
Rui Zhang, PhD* UMN Natural language processing, biomedical ontologies, machine learning & clinical AI
Julian Wolfson, PhD UMN Digital health, causal analysis, biostatistical & machine learning methods
Christopher Tignanelli, MD* UMN/MHF Clinical AI, CDS systems to promote evidence-based practices, real world data to inform practice

Ethics of research and implementation in health systems

Mentor Name Institution/Department Research Interests
Sarah Gollust, PhD UMN Ethical challenges in public health practice, ethics of clinician communication
Brian Martinson, PhD VA Systems science and simulation, research integrity and its relationship to the structural organization of science

Improvement and implementation science

Mentor Name Institution/Department Research Interests
Hildi Hagedorn, PhD VA Critical analysis of implementation theory, action-oriented implementation intervention design
Katie White, EdD, MBA* UMN Implementation of team-based innovative approaches to health care delivery

Engagement, leadership, and research management

Mentor Name Institution/Department Research Interests
Tetyana Shippee, PhD UMN Aging, equity, quality of life, long-term care, community engaged research
Kate Diaz Vickery, MD, MSc HENN Social services, employment, education & other sector intersections to produce health, multidisciplinary teams

Health disparities and equity

Mentor Name Institution/Department Research Interests
Diana Burgess, PhD VA Pain and disparities, mindfulness-based interventions for chronic pain, provider unintentional or implicit bias
Elizabeth Rogers, MD* HENN Improving how safety-net primary care clinics support socially and medically complex patients


*Denotes Associate Mentor.
UMN:University of Minnesota; MHF:M Health Fairview; HP: HealthPartners/HealthPartners Institute; VA: Minneapolis VA/Center for Care Delivery & Outcomes Research; HENN:Hennepin Healthcare/Hennepin Health Research Institute; ESS:Essentia Health/Rural Health Research Institute.

Become a MN-LHS Mentor

The MN-LHS training program is currently seeking faculty members to mentor MN-LHS scientists in its 3 tracks – MN-LHS Scholars, MN-LHS Fellows, and MN-LHS Internship or Intensive training. 

MN-LHS trainees participate in or conduct embedded patient-centered research to improve health care. As part of the program, MN-LHS trainees participate in weekly seminars and networking activities.  

Benefits of becoming a MN-LHS Mentor

  • Opportunity to mentor outstanding MN-LHS scholars and trainees including faculty and learners at various phases
  • Make connections with CLHSS
  • Network with other mentors and health systems conducting embedded patient-centered research to improve health care
  • Gain access to valuable mentoring training and resources

After joining the list, potential mentors may be contacted by interested MN-LHS scholars and trainees to discuss mentorship, projects and interests. Potential mentors are under no obligation to take on MN-LHS trainees.