2+2 Investigative Residency

The Department of Dermatology has initiated a 2+2 Investigative Residency Track. This position is approved by the American Board of Dermatology and allows a resident with primary commitment to investigative or academic dermatology to complete the residency program in four years after PGY1 with 27 months of direct patient care and 21 months of funded, protected, and mentored research-intensive activity. During the research component of the track, the resident may pursue research in the laboratory within the Department of Dermatology or other laboratories within the University of Minnesota. The goal of this program is to allow the resident to develop a research focus in preparation for career in academic dermatology. While most pursuers of this track would be MD/PhDs interested in basic science advancement, the program will give consideration to those candidates focusing on population-based, epidemiology, translational, clinically-based and applied research.

If you have the interest and drive to become a cutting-edge dermatologist and researcher, we will spare no effort to help you in the development of an effective, fulfilling dermatology investigative and academic career.

There are currently no 2+2 Research Track positions available.