Basic Science Research

George Wilcox

PhD, Professor and Goltz Professor representing neurodermatology.

Dr.Wilcox's role in the department research program is to lead the development of neuroderm research. His strengths are that he has had decades of continuous NIH-funded research in neuropharmacology, has had one R21 on peripheral opioid synergy (pas) as well as $200,000 current internal funding for preclinical development of a peripheral opioid analgesic combination. Dr. Wilcox also has access to efficient behavioral and electrophysiological laboratories and new colony of "blue light nociceptor" mice for optogenetic studies of cutaneous pain and analgesia mechanisms. George's challenges include the submission of proteomics and peripheral analgesic papers that have been generated with the neurodermatology team, refunding a R01 with peripheral (skin) components and harmonizing his neuropharmacological mission with the neurodermatological mission.

Javed Shaik

PhD, Assistant Professor

Dr. Shaik's role in the department research program is as an Assistant Professor and member of the Masonic Cancer Center's Tumor Microenvironment Program. His goal is to develop an independent extramurally funded research program focused on exploring pathways regulating latent TGFbeta activation and targeting them to treat melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. He is being mentored by Dan Kaplan, MD, PhD, University of Pittsburgh, Dr. James McCarthy from the Cancer Center and Dr. Dave Masopust from the Immunology Center. Javed's strengths lie in his expertise in TGFbeta biology and role of TGFbeta in skin biology and immunology. His challenges and opportunities include setting-up an independent core laboratory (equipment, personnel, etc.) that can successfully complete proposed experiments and acquire NIH funding (R01).