Learning Objectives

Competency-based Goals & Objectives

The fellow will demonstrate a commitment to ethical principles pertaining to provision or withholding of clinical care, confidentiality of patient information, informed consent, and business practices. Observable Behaviors:

  • The fellow will be able to define the principles of beneficence, autonomy, justice, and non-maleficence
  • Display ethically defensible approaches in cases involving withholding care, confidentiality, informed consent, and competing principles of the business model of care.

Rotation Learning Objectives: Given the longitudinal nature of the training program in which fellows work closely with the attending dermatologists we have developed learning objectives for each quarter of the one-year training period.  Fellows are assigned incrementally increasing responsibility and independence during their training appropriate for their demonstrated level of competency and professional development (as assessed by the supervising physicians). The learning objectives for the fellowship are outlined below. Each Objective is referenced to the ACGME core competency or competencies it addresses:

  • Patient Care = PC
  • Medical Knowledge = MK
  • Professionalism = Prof
  • Medical Knowledge = MK
  • Communication Skills = CS
  • Practice Based Learning and Improvement = PBLI
  • Systems-based practice = SBP