Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Program (LSSURP)

Since 1989, the University of Minnesota LSSURP has offered life sciences programs for undergraduate students who have a goal of enrolling in Ph.D. and MD/PhD programs. LSSURP is supported by the University of Minnesota Medical School. The programs begin with a joint orientation weekend, followed by participation in a 10-week research project under the direction of a University of Minnesota faculty mentor and numerous special activities focused on professional development as well as social interaction. The summer research experience concludes with a poster symposium and banquet in August.

LSSURP has given students that have been underrepresented in the life sciences the experience and training that enhances their ability to pursue a career in research. This represents a long-standing commitment to increasing the impact and quality of life science research at the University of Minnesota, which is strengthened when there is diversity in our faculty and students. We strongly encourage students whose backgrounds encompass diversity in culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, and economic background to apply for our summer research positions.

Program Dates: May 30 - August 7, 2021


Eligibility: Only U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible. If you will receive your Bachelor's degree before June 1, 2021 you are NOT eligible for LSSURP. However, the CREATE program will be considering applicants who will be receiving their Bachelor's degree in 2021.