Peer-2-Peer (P2P) Mentoring Program

P2P Mentoring Network

The Peer Mentor Network program is an initiative by the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) with an aim to support and strengthen retention.  The  objective is to provide additional mentoring resources for incoming PhD students. During the first two years of the graduate program, senior graduate students will work with incoming graduate students to provide resources, experiences and knowledge to assist in the rigors of the graduate studies at the Medical School. 

The P2P-mentoring program will pair pair first year incoming graduate students with 3rd (or 4th) year graduate students. P2P students are often matched based on scientific area and other factors that are mutually important to the peer mentee and mentor to optimally assist in preparing first-year students for doctoral study. The pairing will help incoming the student navigate intrinsic and extrinsic elements to their graduate studies, program operations and research training in the Medical School. Participants will have the opportunity to build community and expand their professional network in an informal setting. 

Questions about the program? Contact Program Manager for Graduate Studies, Marlena Yang at

Calendar Year Timeline Overview

September: Application Opens
October: Peer Mentors Assigned
October: 1st Peer Mentor Meeting
November: 2nd Peer Mentor Meeting
December: 3rd Peer Mentor Meeting
January: No Peer Mentor Meeting
February: 4th Peer Mentor Meeting
March/April: 5th Peer Mentor Meeting