Medical Students

The department offers two core courses in Emergency Medicine, encompassing a longitudinal course over the first and second years of Medical School and a required rotation for 3rd and 4th-year students with extensive time in the emergency department, procedure labs and simulations. Additionally, the department offers 4 elective advanced courses for medical students interested in more opportunities in Emergency Medicine.

William Peterson, MD, MHPE
Director, Medical Student Education in Emergency Medicine 

Mary Ann McNeil, MA, NRP
Co-Director, Medical Student Education 

Aimee Donahue
Clerkship Coordinator

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EMMD 7504: Emergency Medicine

The student will have the opportunity to work with Emergency medicine faculty and residents. Under their supervision, the student is expected to act as the primary physician for Emergency Department (ED) patients, including initial assessment, performance of minor procedures, interpretation of lab and x-ray, and preparation for admission to inpatient services. The student will also have the opportunity to observe critical resuscitations.

EMMD 7512: Bedside Ultrasound for the Clinician

This 4-week elective will introduce students to bedside ultrasound. Bedside ultrasound is best learned at the bedside. Students will learn basics of ultrasound and will perform clinical ultrasounds in the Emergency Departments of UMMC - Fairview, HCMC and Regions Hospital. While individual lectures, individual reading and online instruction will play a role in the learning, the majority of the rotation will be spent in the emergency departments at Fairview, Regions Hospital and Hennepin Healthcare. Bedside teaching will be facilitated by the course directors, Drs. Reardon and Zwank as well as ultrasound fellows, ultrasound technicians, and emergency medicine residents.

EMMD 7521: Research in Emergency Medicine

This course provides an introduction to Emergency Medicine Research. Students will initiate or participate in a research project under the direct supervision of Emergency Medicine clinician-researchers. Didactic research conferences will also be available

EMMD 7530: Special Elective in EMS

This four-week rotation within the Allina Emergency Medical Services is designed to give students first-hand experience in the complex EMS system. Students will observe and in some cases participate in medical direction, audit and review process, emergency preparedness and daily operations of this major urban medical system.

EMMD 7571: Clinical Toxicology and Emergency Medicine

This course offers the student the opportunity to be involved in the initial stages of providing critical care to the patient with serious, sometimes life-threatening medical problems. The student will develop understanding of the application of certain procedural principles of critical care and the fundamentals of Clinical Toxicology. These include drug overdoses, acute alcohol intoxication and withdrawal syndromes, antidotes, toxic inhalations, some environmental toxins, indications for hemoperfusion/ dialysis, street drug problems and principles of pediatric poisonings.

EMMD 7600: Advanced Emergency Medicine- Career Track

This course is designed for medical students interested in pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine. Students will rotate at either Hennepin Healthcare (HCMC) or Regions Hospital. Both institutions are Level I Trauma Centers and support independent Emergency Medicine residencies.