Interested In Working With Us?

The Department of Emergency Medicine has a team of on-call and lead research nurses and clinicians who provide research coverage 24/7/365; they have research privileges at several local hospitals with PIs who collaborate with U of MN clinicians to recruit potential clinical trial participants. We have an Internal Service Organization (ISO) and an External Service Organization (ESO) agreements to develop contracts for on-call research coverage. The cost is between $70-100/hr of research effort at the bedside and a monthly retainer fee for 24/7 or 12/7 on-call coverage (when applicable). In our work so far, these costs have been negotiated with the funding source by the PI.

We have worked with many university departments within the medical and nursing school. Most of our work has been in acute or inpatient clinical trials that  need to recruit during off hours or on weekends or for clinically complex trials.

For more information or if you would like to discuss your trial with our staff, please contact the following;