Augustine MD/MS Fellowship

The Medical Doctor/Master of Science (MD/MS) in Biomedical Engineering is a five-year dual-degree program for medical students with background and interest in medical careers within biomedical engineering and healthcare. 

This program prepares new physicians as opinion leaders and bridge builders between medicine and technology in the evolving biomedical engineering and healthcare industry, a field that applies high-tech research to improvements in health. 


Students in the MD/MS program complete all requirements for both degrees in five years. 

Years 1 and 2: MD first- and second-year curriculum.
Year 3: Biomedical Engineering (BME) MS curriculum. 

  • Students may choose to complete either the Plan A (thesis) or Plan B (project) option for the MS degree. 
  • For a master's Plan A degree, at least 12 University graduate course credits and 10 University master's thesis credits (xxxx-8777). In addition, students must meet the University's 30-credit minimum total credits, or the graduate program's minimum credit requirement, whichever is higher.
  • For a master's Plan B or Plan C degree, at least 20 University graduate course credits. In addition, students must meet the University's 30- credit minimum total credits, or the graduate program's minimum credit requirement, whichever is higher. 

Years 4 and 5: MD third- and fourth-year curriculum. 


To be considered for the MD/MS program, students must first be admitted to or enrolled in the University of Minnesota Medical School. 

A baccalaureate degree in engineering or in a physical or biological science is required. Applicants with an engineering degree don't need to complete any specific coursework prior to applying. 

Applicants without an engineering degree must complete some prerequisite coursework, preferably before submitting the MD/MS application. Students can apply with prerequisite courses still in-progress, but be aware that the application decision will likely be delayed until final grades are posted. NonĀ­engineers must meet both of these prerequisites: 

  • Math coursework through Calculus I, Calculus II, and Differential Equations (it is possible to take this course after admission to the MS program but before is preferred). 
  • At least one year of college-level physics, preferably calculus-based. 


Interested students must first apply to the University of Minnesota Medical School. 

Students may then submit the on line MD/MS application any time through March 31 of their second year in the University of Minnesota's MD program. 

MD admissions decisions are determined by the Medical School. Individuals who are admitted to the MD program are then eligible to be considered for the MD/MS dual-degree program by the MD/MS Advisory Council. The Council is comprised of faculty from the College of Science and Engineering and the Medical School. 

Applicants will be notified of their MD/MS status no later than April 15 of their second year in the MD program.


For questions or more information, please contact:
Graduate Program Coordinator:

The MD/MS program is a fantastic opportunity for medical students interested in the intersection of medicine and biomedical engineering. As a student, I had access to the incredible engineering resources and opportunities at UMN. The program's curriculum was exceptionally flexible and gave me skills that directly benefited my research. Having graduated from the program, I now feel confident that I can identify problems routinely encountered in the clinical environment and work with other healthcare professionals to design and implement engineering-based solutions.

Ranveer Vasdev, MD/MS Student, University of Minnesota


Students admitted to the M DIMS program will be awarded a Scott D. and Susan D. Augustine Biomedical Engineering Research Fellowship during their year of MS matriculation. 

The 12-month fellowship, administered by the University's Institute for Engineering in Medicine, provides: 

  • A stipend. 
  • Health benefits.
  • Full tuition coverage. 

Up to three students may be supported on the Augustine Fellowship in a given year.