Engineering in Medicine Doctoral Fellowship

IEM is proud to announce the Call for Applications for the 2024-2025 Engineering in Medicine Doctoral Fellowships.

This Fellowship, which is available only to students of IEM members, includes a $25,000 stipend plus $2,500 for professional development. Tuition and subsidized Graduate Assistant health plan are also covered. Each year we welcome new applications and previously submitted University of Minnesota IDF and DDF fellowship applications that were declined as long as they are modified to meet the criteria.

Recipients will have the opportunity to participate in a professional development program to be provided by the IEM leadership.

Deadline to Apply is April 15, 2024

Eligibility Criteria


  • PhD student in good standing with their program at the University of Minnesota
  • Have completed all required coursework
  • Have an intended graduation date no earlier than Spring 2026
  • Is willing to serve as an IEM ambassador during IEM events (Inspire, the Annual Conference, IEM Innovation Week events, etc.)
  • Have a dissertation topic that:
    1. aims to transform an area of medicine through highly innovative research
    2. incorporates collaboration with at least one health/bio sciences faculty member and one engineering/physical sciences faculty member (one of whom is the student’s primary advisor

Applications should include


  • letter of support from the student’s primary advisor (one page max).
  • letter(s) of support from each collaborating faculty member (one page max).
  • The research plan for the dissertation project (three page max., including abstract and all figures and tables). References should be included but will not count against the page limit.
  • The student’s CV, which must include an up-to-date transcript, GPA, and publication list.

Applications should be submitted as a single PDF file.

All documents must have a minimum 0.5 in margins on all sides, use 11 pt. Arial font or larger (10 pt. Arial for figure and table captions), and be at least single-spaced.

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Ali Nourinani - IEM Engineering Fellow 2022
Ali Nouriani

Home-Based Individualized Analysis of Postural Instability in PhD Patients

Lulu Ge - IEM Engineering Fellow 2022
Lulu Ge

Studying the Putative Effect of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Human Cognitive Control with Hyperdimensional Computing 


Gaura Saini - IEM Engineering Fellow 2021
Gaura Saini

Understand movement-related development and treatment of shoulder dysfunction 

Matthew Rynes - IEM Engineering Fellow 2021
Mathew Rynes

Investigating the evolution of mesoscale cortical dynamics during spatial learning 


Tiffany Lam - IEM Engineering in Medicine Fellow 2020
Tiffany Lam

Biomaterials for treatment of metastatic ovarian cancer via non­invasive hyperthermia 

Huda Zahid - IEM Engineering Fellowship in Medicine 2020
Huda Zahid

Multidisciplinary Training in Cancer Therapeutics: Developing Small­Molecule Inhibitors of the Epigenetic Protein BPTF using Virtual Screening 


Casey Chitwood - IEM Engineering Fellowship 2019
Casey Chitwood

Novel Model of lntracranial Aneurysm to Develop Less Invasive Therapies 

Amani Lee - IEM Engineering Fellowship 2019
Amani Lee

F-Loaded MRI Nanosensors as Multi modal Multifunctional Platforms for the Detection of Abiotic Factors 

Gillian McDonald - IEM Engineering Fellowship 2019
Gillian McDonald

Modeling of a Fluid-Powered, Catheter Soft Robot for Medical Applications

Bhaskar Sen - IEM Engineering Fellowship 2019
Bhaskar Sen

Classifying Functional Brain Network Connectivity of Adolescents with Major Depressive Disorder from fMRI

Diqing Su - IEM Engineering Fellowship 2019
Diqing Su

Large-Scale, High-Resolution Brain Sensing with Flexible Magnetic Nanosensors