IEM’s Clinician Engagement Program helps busy clinicians develop and translate today’s ideas into tomorrow’s treatments. We provide guidance through the University’s exceptional innovation ecosystem that includes hundreds of student, faculty, industry, professional, and financial partners.

Idea Submission Form is for you to submit your clinical idea or need. We review every entry to find the best resources to move your idea forward.

Clinician Engagement Institute for Engineering

Program Objectives

  1. Engage More Clinicians
  2. Partner with engineering
  3. Work with students
  4. Help companies
  5. Guide clinician trials
  6. Host clinician immersion program
  7. Educate engineering faculty and students

Next Steps

Do you have an unmet need?

Complete a brief IEM Questionnaire:

  1. Describe the clinician need
  2. Outline any barriers
  3. Describe potential impact
  4. Determine your willingness to work
  5. Determine your willingness to work


For more information connect with:

Leza Besemann, Senior Manager
Technology Commercialization | 612-625-8615

Bridget Foss, Senior Grant Administrator
Sponsored Projects Administration | 612-624-5571