Resident Corner

Hear from the residents about living in Minnesota

What fun things are there to do in Minnesota?

Minneapolis is a culturally rich city with diverse people, restaurants, and entertainment. It offers both the benefits of living in a metropolitan city with a lively night life, while also providing a wide variety of outdoor experiences. From the beautiful Minnehaha falls, to the bike trails of Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet, Minnesota certainly provides a wealth of events for the outdoor enthusiast.

Living in Minnesota

Where do most residents choose to live?

There are a variety of different neighborhoods in which residents choose to live. The majority of residents remain within the downtown of Minneapolis in the popular, chic neighborhoods of North Loop and Uptown. Some residents decide to stay closer to the University campus making for a quick commute. For those with families, many in the past have opted for a family-friendly vibe in the areas of St. Paul, St. Anthony Village, and New Brighton.  Any of these would be great choices!

What about call?

Call is split between all three classes, which helps to disperse duties between all residents. Additionally call is separated by institution, i.e. when at the county hospital the resident on call is only responsible for covering that institution. This again, allows call to act as a manageable, good, educational experience where residents can take their time developing clinical exam skills,  differentials, and treatment plans. All first year residents are provided with back-up call for the entirety of their first year, where they take call Q3 –Q4. We have found this allows for a safe, supportive learning environment for newer residents to learn and ask questions. As residents progress through training call continues to lighten.