Well-Being & Professional Development

Resident Wellness

GME Coaching Service

Residents wellbeing is a priority in our program. To that end, we partner with GME office and encourage our residents to utilize a free coaching service offered by the University:  

Are you feeling overwhelmed because of difficulties in training or personal issues? Do you want to grow as a leader and are looking for a development opportunity? Tackling these types of goals in a coaching relationship may be just for you!

Carolyn Hildebrandt, the Organizational Development Manager in the UMN Office of Graduate Medical Education, will begin to offer coaching services starting on February 3. In these 50-minute appointments, trainees will explore their challenges, identify goals, discuss approaches, and plan action steps. You can self-refer for a confidential session. Information would only be disclosed to programs if desired by the coachee and with their permission.

Sessions will be held in two ways: In person at Carolyn's office in GME (Mayo G254-14) or remotely via Zoom. There will be Zoom-only time slots on Tuesday evenings. To schedule, trainees can choose a designated coaching time slot: Coaching appointments

Professional and Leadership Development Opportunities

Hogan Assessments

The GME Office is now able to offer various assessments for trainees to facilitate growth and development as professionals and leaders. This year, our residents will participate in Hogan Assessment which gives an in depth look at how a person functions, strengths and weaknesses both on normal days and when under stress. This assessment will be paid for by the department. 

Resident Leadership Academy

Each year, one resident (usually PGY-4) will be nominated to participate in the Resident Leadership Academy, which is a 10-module course that meets one day a month from September through June.  The aims of the program are to:

•    Teach skills relevant to organizational leadership to a promising group of residents.
•    Engage this group of residents in institutional goals and priorities, where they can play a significant contributing role.
•    Invest in the development of trainees who have the potential to be future leaders at this institution beyond their residency training.

Participants from our residency program include:

Dr. Susan Sun (2022-2023)

Dr. Shunqing Zhang (2021-2022)

Dr. Colton Gits (2020-2021)

Dr. Allen Rossetti-Chung (2019-2020)

Dr. Krishnan Patel (2018-2019)

Dr. Reed Cope (2017-2018)

Dr. Richard Lee (2016-2017)

Dr. Christopher Wilke (2015-2016)