Program Faculty

The faculty of the Medical Physics Graduate Program are well known researchers and clinicians with national and international reputations. As in any interdisciplinary program that has been in existence for some time the active participation of the individual faculty varies. At the present time, there are 33 full and affiliate graduate faculty members. The most active participants in program governance on this list are in Radiology and Radiation Oncology and are most closely associated with the medical physics subject area although involvement from other departments continues.


Full Members:

Gregor Adriany -  Radiology
Parham Alaei - Radiation Oncology
Patrick Bolan - Radiology
Wei Chen - Radiology
Eric Ehler -  Radiation Oncology
Clara Ferreira - Radiation Oncology
Jerry Froelich -Radiology
Michael Garwood -  Radiology
Bruce Gerbi - Radiation Oncology
Jafar Golzarian - Radiology
Bruce Hammer - Radiology
Susanta Hui - Radiation Oncology
Ngoneh Jallow - Radiology
Silvia Mangia  - Radiology 
Damien Mathew - Radiation Oncology
Gregory Metzger - Radiology 
Shalom Michaeli - Radiology
Chang Song - Radiation Oncology
Kamil Ugurbil - Radiology
Daniel Vallera - Radiation Oncology
Pierre-Francios Van de Moortele - Radiology
Yoichi Watanabe - Radiation Oncology
Essa Yacoub - Radiology
Jianling Yuan - Radiation Oncology
Xiao-Hong Zhu - Radiology

Affiliate Members:

Joseph Autry - Biochem, Moleculat Biol, Biophysics
Laurence Gaalaas 
- Oral and Maxillofacial Radioloy
Richard Geise - Radiology
Robert Patterson - Rehabilitiation Medicine
Osha RoopnarineBiochem, Molecular Biol, Biophysics
David Thomas - Biochem, Molecular Biol, Biophysics
Thomas Vaughan - Radiology
Richard Ziegler - Pediatrics