Benefits & Stipends

Annual Base Stipend

For more information regarding base stipend rate, please visit here. Our residents start at Step 2 level.

Leave Policies

All leave requests must be submitted via the program coordinator and are subject to approval by the staff physician and the program director.  

Vacation Leave

University runs on a fiscal calendar of July 1 to June 30th.  On an annual basis, each resident receives 15 vacation days (15 working days).  No vacation days can be carried over to the next year.  The minimum length of a vacation is one day.  

In-service exams are mandatory for all residents and are usually given on the first Thursday or Friday of March.  Vacation on the day of In-service exam is not allowed.

Sick Leave

Days of absence due to illness are considered paid leave for up to 10 days per year.  Absence due to illness exceeding 10 working days in an academic year will be charged as vacation.  

Professional Leave

A total of 15 days is allowed for attendance at national meetings over four years of training.  Priority for going to ASTRO is given to residents with oral presentations/posters.  Residents may attend ASTRO meeting without presentation once during the PGY4 or PGY5 year of training at their own expense.

Time away for job interviews will be charged as meeting days or vacation days as long as they do not exceed the limit.  

For a more comprehensive description of the benefits and policies, please refer to GME website.

Professional Allowance

ABR Certification & Other Education Allowance

The department will reimburse the residents for education expenses incurred up to $3,000 during the course of their residency. Examples are:

•    ABR certification
•    Books
•    Journal subscriptions

National Meetings

Oral and poster presentations at national meetings will be reimbursed for meeting registration fees, transportation and food/lodging for up to $1,500.00 per meeting.

The same presentation topic can only be presented at ONE meeting throughout your residency. Once a paper is presented, a manuscript must be completed and submitted for publication before another presentation will be paid for by the department.  

The department may supplement and support residents at any meeting from which they receive a Travel Award. Residents must submit an award letter and the abstract and/or manuscript to the Program Director and Department Chairman for approval.


University of Minnesota Medical Center

The department has a limited number of contract parking cards. These cards are temporarily made available at no cost to the residents for their rotations at the University of Minnesota Medical Center (UMMC) during their 4 years. Residents not currently rotating at UMMC may be asked to return the parking card to the Program Coordinator, who will then temporarily assign that card to a visiting resident currently rotating at UMMC.  

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Parking is free at the VA Medical Center and a permit can be obtained by the resident from the VAMC Radiation Oncology Clinic. 

Fairview Lakes in Wyoming & Fairview Maple Grove Medical Center

Parking is free.