The Department of Radiation Oncology participates in various clinical trials, working together with experts from different specialties to improve and refine current and future patient care.

Faculty and students in our Medical Physics graduate program (MD, PhD) are active in research in areas such as radiation oncology and radiation safety and quality assurance. We focus on developing state-of-the-art research models that can be translated into clinical trials.

Dr. Wilke prepping a 3D printer
3D Printing and Imaging Lab

The 3D Printing and Imaging Laboratory (3DPIL) is a collaborative research group within the Department of Radiation Oncology who work together to improve the effectiveness of cancer therapies.

Dr. Vallera in his lab
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Lab

The Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Lab, lead by Director Daniel Vallera, PhD specializes in the design and development of new anti-cancer biologic agents with the goal of getting them into the clinic as quickly as possible.

cancer cell illustration
Radiobiology Lab

Chang Song, Ph.D., Professor and Director performs research in the Radiobiology of TBI.

Brachytherapy lab photo
Brachytherapy Research Lab

The Brachytherapy Research Group, led by Dr. Clara Ferreira, conducts research to further knowledge and treatment solutions in Brachytherapy treatments.

sloan brain lab logo
Sloan Lab

Dr. Lindsey Sloan leads a translational research lab within the University of Minnesota Brain Tumor Program that focuses on understanding the role of myeloid cells in primary brain tumors.

Participate in a Study

By participating in clinical trial research, you can help us uncover breakthroughs that will improve care and outcomes for future generations.

Find a clinical trial—Use StudyFinder to search for University of Minnesota studies that need research participants

Volunteer for research studies—through ResearchMatch registry

Find cancer studies through the Masonic Cancer Center

Clinical Trial FAQs