Shunqing Zhang

Dr. Shunqing Zhang (2023)

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Undergrad: Cornell University

Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University College of Medicine

Current Employment: McHenry Cancer Center at Northwestern Medical Group, McHenry, IL

Fond Memories of Residency: I am grateful for the privilege to learn from our amazing radiation oncology faculty, dynamic clinical staff, and a very talented group of co-residents during my 4 years of residency. I feel very lucky that I have made many lifelong friends, and got to enjoy everything the Twin Cities has to offer: the spectacular summer, the vibrant art, music and food scenes, and the convenience of having the MSP airport a short drive away from work that connects me with the rest of the world.

Colton Gits

Dr. Colton Gits (2022)

Hometown: Edina, MN

Undergrad: Northwestern University

Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis

Current Employment: Minneapolis Radiation Oncology at North Memorial, Minneapolis, MN

Fond Memories of Residency: My favorite memory of residency was graduating from learner to teacher during informal chalk talks in the resident room. At a certain point, I realized I had knowledge to contribute, and it was such a great feeling to pass that along.

Sherif Shaaban

Dr. Sherif Shaaban (2022)

Hometown: Mansoura, Egypt

Medical School: Mansoura University School of Medicine, Egypt

Current Employment: Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital

Allen Rossetti-Chung

Dr. Allen Rossetti-Chung (2021)

Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD

Undergrad: Cornell University

Medical School: Jacob's School of Medicine

Current Employment: Allegheny Health Network St. Vincent, Erie, PA

Fond Memories of Residency: Always wondering why there was a piñata in the department bathroom, and never finding out.

Nick Loudas

Dr. Nick Loudas

Hometown: Woodbury, MN

Undergrad: University of Iowa

Medical School: University of Minnesota

Current Employment: Helen G. Nassif Community Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

Fond Memories of Residency: Orienting incoming residents; one-on-one learning with attendings

Dr. Krishnan Patel (2020)

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Undergrad: Duke University

Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine

Current Employment: NIH/NCI

Fond Memories of Residency: Our patients, my co-residents, dosimetry, and staff

Reed Cope

Dr. Reed Cope (2019)

Hometown: Overland Park, KS

Undergrad: Truman State University

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University

Current Employment: Missouri Cancer Associates, Columbia, MO

Fond Memories of Residency: I will forever appreciate my co-residents, the radiation oncology faculty and staff. I always tell patients that radiation oncology requires a "team approach," and we were so lucky at the University of Minnesota to have a phenomenal team from the front desk to our bursing staff, radiation therapists, dosimetry, physics, and everything in between. In addition, my wife and I absolutely loved living in the Twin Cities, and we made lifelong friendships there.

Dr. Nicholas Olson (2018)

Ian Gallaher

Dr. Ian Gallaher (2017)

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Undergrad: Whitman College

Medical School: University of Washington

Current Employment: St. James Healthcare, Butte, MT

Fond Memories of Residency: Camaraderie among the residents

Richard Lee

Dr. Richard Lee (2017)

Hometown: Oceanside, CA

Undergrad: UC San Diego

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

Current Employment: Hennepin Healthcare, Minneapolis, MN

Fond Memories of Residency: Dr. Lee walking down the hall eating almonds and coughing, and Dr. Cho rushing to her and attempting to do the Heimlich as she tries to tell him to stop. Also, grabbing Chinese food for dinner with Dr. Cho, Dr. Yuan and Dr. Lee.

Dr. Dani Dang (2016)

Dr. Zachary Lopater (2015)

Adam Jones

Dr. Adam Jones (2014)

Hometown: Statesboro, GA

Undergrad: University of Georgia

Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine

Current Employment: Radiation Oncology Associates, PPMH Cancer Center, Albany, GA

Fond Memories of Residency: Walks and family time at Lake Harriet, Sea Salt at Minnehaha Falls, ice skating at Centennial Lakes Park, Twins baseball

Elizabeth Ester

Dr. Elizabeth Ester (2013)

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Undergrad: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Medical School: University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Medicine and Public Health

Current Employment: University of Minnesota Physicians, M Health

Dr. Matthew Vernon (2013)

Hometown: Lakewood, CO

Undergrad: Brigham Young University

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

Current Employment: Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Bennington, VT

Fond Memories of Residency: Happy hour with residents and therapists, canoe trips in the BWCA

Dr. Daniel Schroyer (2012)

Dr. Charles Shideman (2012)

Dr. Stephen Thatcher (2011)

Jay McAfee

Dr. William "Jay" McAfee (2010)

Hometown: Albany, GA

Undergrad: University of Georgia

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia

Current Employment: Radiation Oncology Associates at Phoebe Cancer Center, Albany, GA

Fond Memories of Residency: Lunches with Seymor Levitt, dynamic resident team, camaraderie with the nursing staff and dosimetry/physics team, making the most of the greenspace in the cities and opportunity to explore Minnesota and beyond, Twins games, and farmers markets


Dr. Michael Tomblyn (2009)

Dr. Laura Wilson (2008)

Jianling Yuan

Dr. Jianling Yuan (2008)

Hometown: Shanghai

Undergrad: Yale University

Medical School: Yale University

Current Employment: University of Minnesota Department of Radiation Oncology

Fond Memories of Residency: Bonding with my co-resident Dr. Laura Wilson, being pregnant along with four other co-workers

Dr. Clayton Chen (2007)

Dr. Michael Duff (2006)

Dr. Aimee George Russell (2005)

Dr. Mark Palmer (2004)

Dr. Gregory Willis (2004)

Dr. Wilson Hernandez (2003)

Dr. Kimberly McCollow (2002)

Dr. Simon Lo (2001)

Dr. Edward Van Dyk (2001)

Dr. Ronald Kossow (2000)


Dr. Ellen Bellairs (1998)

Dr. Don Carlson (1998)

Dr. Raul Fernandez (1998)

Dr. Robert Nordal (1998)

Dr. Bennett Ross Barrios (1997)

Dr. Kerry McGaughey (1997)

Dr. Mark Bisignani (1996)

Dr. Warren McGuire (1996)

Dr. G. Phillip Engeler (1995)

Dr. Jack Nettleton (1994)

Dr. Kwon Cho (1993)

Dr. Robert LaPorte (1993)

Dr. M. Carol Grabowski (1992)

Dr. James Orner (1992)

Dr. Maureen Holasek (1991)

Kathryn Dusenbery

Dr. Kathryn Dusenbery (1990)

Hometown: Haslett, Michigan

Undergrad: Michigan State University

Medical School: Wayne State University

Fellowship: University of Minnesota, Medical Oncology (1987)

Current Employment: University of Minnesota

Fond Memories of Residency: Donut rounds with medical oncology on Friday mornings (Dr. Levitt always ate one banana - once, Jim Radford did a trick making it pre-sliced without removing the peel. Dr. Levitt didn't bat an eye, but the rest of us were bursting with laughter). Going into labor a month early with my first child while rotating on Dr. Lee's service; Dr. Lee visited me in labor and deliver, with flowers. 2AM LDR cesium removals.

Dr. Kathryn Farniok (1990)

Dr. Michael Gornet (1990)


Dr. Anna Lokshina (1989)

Dr. David Pence (1989)

Dr. Doris Taylor (1988)

Dr. Jon Griffith (1987)

Dr. Dana Hansen (1986)

Dr. John Kosiak (1986)

Dr. Larry Past (1985)

Dr. Gregory Meyers (1984)

Dr. James Ecker (1983)

Dr. Ricardo J. Lopez-Mujica (1983)

Dr. Douglas Olson (1982)

Dr. Edward Petruzzello (1982)

Dr. Philip Doescher (1980)


Dr. David Krause (1979)

Dr. Dennis Galinsky (1978)

Dr. Linda Yee Chak (1977)

Dr. Roger Potish (1977)

Dr. Yashoda T. R. Rao (1977)

Dr. Robert Haselow (1976)

Dr. Eitan Medini (1976)

Dr. Bernard Rogers (1976)

Dr. Henry Cotman (1975)

Dr. John Keating (1975)

Dr. Tae Kim (1974)

Dr. Ralph Pesonen (1974)

Dr. Thomas Stoffel (1974)

Dr. Charles Smith (1973)

Dr. David Smith (1973)

Dr. Howard Wong (1973)

Dr. Erling Kloppendal (1970)

Dr. Markham Fischer (1970)

Dr. Donald Schenck (1970)

Dr. Clinton Snyder (1970)