Center for Clinical Quality & Outcomes Discovery and Evaluation (C-QODE)

Surgery outcome

 Discovering Actionable Factors that Drive Clinical Outcomes to Impact Clinical Practice

Support faculty and trainees in the translation of new data into the clinical and health decision making sphere.

The center’s focus is to translate new data into clinical and health decision making with a focus on

  • Delivery of recommended timely care to the right patient 
  • Population-level outcomes research that translates real health benefits to society

Provide infrastructure to the emergence of health services research encompassing surgical outcomes research, quality improvement, and implementation science. To achieve this goal the center will facilitate study design and initiation, grant and manuscript writing and submission.

Center Aims

  • Establish Center Governance and Structure
    Assess resources and relevant research across departments and working groups.

  • Junior faculty and Academic Trainee Research Education
    Develop and deliver seminar series, working groups, grant review and other education activities

  • BD2K (Big Data to Knowledge)
    Combine medical coded data with text, interprofessional, imaging and molecular (-omic) data to bear better practice.

  • Learning Health System
    Develop and implement a model for a learning health system at M Health Fairview that leverages large scale practice data to generate actionable knowledge and change

  • Precision Medicine
    Leverage big data to characterize molecular response to illness and identify novel therapeutic interventions for trials evaluation

  • Biomedical Artificial Intelligence
    Develop and scale biomedical AI capabilities leveraging big data to facilitate the development of novel diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic models of care. 

The center provides educational activities, including conducting seminars on data analysis, database limitations, statistical modeling and connect to shared research resources.

Research Data Infrastructure

Omics Resource

Mobile Application Development Infrastructure

Advanced Analytic Resources