Anesthesiology Residents Awarded for Presentations at MARC Conference

University of Minnesota Medical School anesthesiology residents attended the Midwest Anesthesia Residents Conference (MARC) where they presented research to their colleagues. Six residents received awards at the conference.

First Place

Dr. Joshua Hayden 

"A Case of Anti-Thymocyte Induced Pulmonary Edema."
Faculty collaborator: Dr. Jeff Grosland

Dr. Iryna Chugaieva

"Management of Intraoperative Acute Air Embolism During ERCP with Hepaticojejunostomy Stent Removal."
Faculty collaborator: Dr. Julia Weinkauf

Second Place

Dr. Stephen Richardson

“Development of a Web-Based Assessment Tool to Improve Resident Instruction and Medical Student Experience in an Anesthesiology Rotation."
Collaborators: Dr. Mojca Konia, Dr. Vinayak Nadar, Dr. Sagar Navare, Jeffrey Richardson, B.S.

Dr. Yogita Mosalpuria

"Intraoperative Physiological Changes seen Post Embolization in a Premature Infant with Large Dural Arteriovenous Fistula and Severe Pulmonary Hypertension."
Faculty collaborator: Dr. Jakob Guenther

Third Place

Dr. Eric McDaniel

"Anterior Mediastinal Mass for Tracheal Stent...How to Proceed?"
Faculty collaborator: Dr. Megan Lanigan

Dr. Sathappan Karuppiah

"Perioperative Anticoagulation Management in Patients with Pre-Existing VAD for Non-Cardiac Surgery."
Faculty collaborator: Dr. Darrell Randle