The Department of Anesthesiology is honored to recognize another distinguished group of graduating residents and fellows. These residents and fellows have demonstrated themselves as experts in the field of anesthesiology, performing high-quality care and conducting groundbreaking research.

The department is also excited to present its year end awards to this graduating class. The residents receiving these awards have demonstrated themselves exceptionally in both the academic and clinical settings.

  • Resident of the Year, as voted on by medical students: Leslie Goldberg, MD, PhD 
  • Research Resident of the Year: Nicholas Rothbard, DO
  • Resident of the Year: Michael Berryman, MD

These residents and fellows now move on to the next chapter of their careers, whether that be a fellowship to further their training or becoming a staff anesthesiologist. Wherever they practice in their future careers, they’ll be equipped to provide the highest quality of care and dedication to their patients.

Michael Berryman, MD
Regions Hospital
St. Paul, MN
Dr. Berryman wants to thank his family and friends for all of their support throughout residency.
Leslie Goldberg, MD, PhD

St. Paul, MN
Big shout out to Javi and Stelle for being the best kids ever! Shout out to my mom for literally everything. To Adriana for her help this last year. Also, I'd like to shout out our amazing faculty (too many to name) for patiently teaching me over the last 3 years. Their wisdom and "feedback" will be the soundtrack in my head throughout my career and I could not be more grateful.
Jose Maria Moraes De Souza Junior, MD
Cardiothoracic Fellowship

Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH
Dr. De Souza Júnior would like to thank his family and Drs. V Nguyen, Setty, Goel, Banik, Garcia, Hanson, and Flaherty for their support throughout residency.
Sadaf Mirkarimi, MD
Chronic Pain Fellowship

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
I'd would like to thank Dr. Lupei for all her amazing support through every step of my journey. Your guidance, encouragement, and wisdom have meant the world to me. Thank you for always believing in me and helping me grow. Your mentorship has truly made a difference.
Angela Peper, DO
Regional Pain Fellowship

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
I’d like to enthusiastically thank my husband Sam, daughter Madeline, and fur babies Ruby and Shona for their unconditional love and patience during training. I cannot forget my fellow CA-3s for their camaraderie- without them residency would have been far less colorful. And finally, to Drs. Staudt, Chugaieva, Goelkel-Garcia, Braveman, Berg, Flaherty, Perry, Palm, Roeller, Umberham, Fromer and Vaughn - thank you for your wholehearted support in my development further as both an anesthesiologist and human being!
cody roberts
Cody Roberts, MD
Minneapolis Anesthesia Partners at Abbott Northwestern

Minneapolis, MN
I'd like to thank my wife Abby, my parents Kathy and Kathi, the Gray-Roberts gang, the Winn folk, and my fellow residents and other friends for all of their support throughout residency.
Stephen Roberts, MD
Alaska Native Medical Center

Anchorage, AK
I'd like to thank my parents Gary and Chris and Dr. Hanson 
for their support throughout my residency.
s roberts
Nicholas Rothbard, DO
University of Minnesota Medical Center

Minneapolis, MN
I'd like to thank my wife Erin, my brothers Brian and Chris, my parents, and the U of M anesthesiology family for their support throughout my residency!

Yuki Shima, MD
The Queen’s Medical Center

Honolulu, HI
I'd like to thank Drs. Wall, Remskar, Sun, and Fromer for putting the residents first and making the three years so educational. Drs. Gorbaty and Rupert for being amazing mentors and making sure I become a good clinician. Becky and education team for making this residency enjoyable!

My family for supporting me throughout my life and letting me go to the opposite side of the world during COVID and a week after the city was on fire. That’s low key pretty bold…

CA3s for being my family and supporting each other through tough times. I’ll miss beers at Stubs with you guys! Special thanks to Kunle, Sierra, Kyle, and Rafa for making every weekend a blast! Wouldn’t have made it through weekdays without looking forward to hanging out with you.

Last but not least, Stephen Roberts for being my workout buddy, travel buddy, and Wikipedia on…pretty much anything.

Dip Shukla, MD
Cardiothoracic Fellowship 

Columbia University
New York, NY
I'd like to thank my dad Mayur, my mom Smita, and my wife Sneha. As well as all the faculty and staff that have supported me over the past 4 years!
Jordan King, DO
Linn County Anesthesiologists

Cedar Rapids, IA
I would like to thank Taylor and Cooper for supporting me every day. My parents, Kevin and Anne, and sister and brother-in-law Whitney and Brian (and Bo), for all of the positivity and encouragement along the way. Couldn’t have done it without you all!
Jack Schneck, MD
University of Minnesota Medical Center

Minneapolis, MN
I'd like to thank my wife, Maddie, and our daughter, Ramona!
My biggest supporters from the start, my Mom and Dad.
And the rest of my family who is always there to help - 
Millie, Barney, Noah and Gabi.
John Csiha, MD
Northwest Community Hospital

Arlington Heights, IL
I would like to thank Catherine and Elvis for their support throughout my fellowship.