Dr. Goel Co-Authors Paper on Indented Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems with Loss of Reservoir Volume

Vasudha Goel, MD, Assistant Professor in the University of Minnesota Medical School Department of Anesthesiology co-authored a paper titled “Indented Intrathecal Drug Delivery System with Loss of Reservoir Volume” published in the Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine Journal.  

Dr. Goel’s findings reveal that when encountering the inability to refill a patients’ medication to full capacity via an intrathecal drug delivery device system (IDDS), the device should be investigated for deformation.

The team concluded that the inability to completely fill a reservoir is a rare occurence and that the clinician should be alerted in order to troubleshoot the IDDS. They added that special attention should be paid to the central port access and reservoir volumes.

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