We are excited to announce that Dr. Robert Gould has accepted the position of Medical Director of the Intensive Care Unit at M Health Fairview Southdale Hospital. Dr. Gould has been providing critical care services at Southdale since 2017 and has recently helped develop the M Health Fairview ICU triage service stationed at Southdale. The Southdale ICU is a 23 bed mixed medical-surgical ICU that provides care for respiratory care issues, post-operative cardiac surgery and neurosurgical patients, and other patients requiring critical care services.

Dr. Gould's experience in all types of ICU, including cardiovascular, neurosciences, SICU, and mixed medical-surgical units, will allow him to work with the leadership at Southdale to continue improving quality and safety at Southdale. Dr Gould will continue to serve as the Officer of the Day on the East Bank and will continue in his role as the Vice-Chair of Clinical Affairs for the Department of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Gould is board certified in anesthesiology, critical care, and neuro critical care. He is a nationally recognized expert in critical medicine and perioperative medicine and has held numerous senior leadership positions at Northwestern University, The Ohio State University, and the University of Minnesota.

Department leadership thanks Dr. Gould for his outstanding performance as the Executive Medical Director of Perioperative Services (Anesthesiology) at the M Health Fairview University of Minnesota Medical Center.

Congratulations to Dr. Gould for his accomplishments at the University of Minnesota Medical Center and his new position.