Dr. Lintau Qu Joins Pain Medicine Team

The Department of Anesthesiology is excited to welcome Dr. Lintau Qu from the Pain Research Institute in the Department of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University. He will be joining us in the Spring of 2023, as the newest addition to our pain science team. He'll be joining as an associate professor with tenure track.

Dr. Qu received his MD from North China University and went on to receive his PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Western Ontario. He was at Yale between 2009 to 2014 before moving to Johns Hopkins where he is now an assistant professor.

Dr. Qu has been a very productive pain scientist with expertise in electrophysiology, pain pharmacology, and immunohistochemistry. He is interested in arthritis pain as well as other aspects of chronic experimental pain. He is currently the principal investigator on an NIH RO1 grant ("A novel mechanism of rheumatoid arthritis-associated pain") and a funded co-investigator on two other RO1s. He is on the editorial board of Frontiers in Pain Research, and an invited reviewer on a dozen other journals, including both Anesthesiology and Anesthesia & Analgesia.

The Department is excited to welcome Dr. Qu and his scientific expertise!