Richard C. Prielipp, MD, MBA, FCCM and collaborators published Monitoring Neuromuscular Function, a text and video publication highlighting fundamentals of monitoring neuromuscular function during and after use of neuromuscular blocking (NMB) drugs. The video component of the publication provides a vibrant educational supplement to support visual learners. 

The focus of the publication is on the clinical method that should be used routinely to assess neuromuscular function after NMB agents are administered. Due to potential complications, clinicians must know how to use nerve stimulators and monitor for residual weakness in the assessment of neuromuscular function.

“Current studies continue to show that 30-40% of patients are arriving in the recovery room with residual weakness after general anesthesia.” said Prielipp, “One of the ways to mitigate that is by accurate, consistent, quantitative neuromuscular monitoring.” 

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