Drs. Fromer and Prielipp Co-Author Paper on Computational Drug Errors Specific to Anesthesia Residents and Faculty in Teaching Programs

Richard C. Prielipp, MD, MBA, FCCM and Assistant Professor Ilana R. Fromer, MD from the University of Minnesota Medical School Department of Anesthesiology co-authored “Doing the Math: Computation Errors During Critical Drug Administration” published in ANESTHESIA & ANALGESIA.

This research paper highlights that mistakes made during drug calculations is an important factor of all drug errors that occur. While patient medication overdose due to mistaking units, the misuse of infusion pumps and misunderstanding drug concentrations are among the most common causes for these errors.

Their findings confirm that ultimately the responsibility for correct administration of drugs in the perioperative period still resides with the anesthesiologist, and their computational skills remain critical to ensuring patient safety.

Read the full paper here.