Drs. Kloesel, Verghese and Belani publish report on medical advancements in pediatric kidney transplantation

Drs. Benjamin Kloesel, Priya S. Verghese and Kumar Belani co-published “Issues in Pediatric Kidney Transplantation in Current Anesthesiology Reports.

The report sought to review recent advancements in different fields that relate to pediatric kidney transplantation, such as perioperative management and immunosuppression, saying that “the anesthetic management of pediatric kidney recipients has remained largely the same over the years, but newer technologies and drugs are beginning to be implemented.” 

Said Dr. Belani, “Advances in the scientific landscape have allowed children needing a kidney transplant to have improved outcomes; these advances include a better understanding of intraoperative factors, stronger medications for detecting and treating graft rejection and other complications. But all this comes at a cost requiring close monitoring of these children to quickly diagnose and treat infections and other morbidities.”

The study concluded the future will likely see efforts directed towards improved graft allocation policies, attempts to increase living donations, and new approaches such as alternative graft sources from tissue engineering and recovery of kidney function using regenerative medicine.

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